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Indie Devs Are Frustrated with Hades 2 Unexpected Launch

"I'm happy a sequel of a massive indie game is doing well, but can we collectively stop doing shadow drops for majorly anticipated games?" 

Image credit: Supergiant Games, Hades 2

As you know, Hades 2 was released in early access on May 6, with Supergiant Games surprising players by launching the game without any prior announcement.

Shortly after the unexpected release, some indie developers were a little bit disappointed with the lack of notice about the release of this long-awaited game. They believed that releasing Hades 2 without warning disrupted the plans of many lesser-known teams.

Amidst the discussion, a developer behind the horror game Crow Country, inspired by PS1 games, humorously remarked that they deliberately chose a "quiet" release week, but it didn't save them from unexpected Hades 2. 

The developer of Another Crab's Treasure also expressed concern that many projects by indie developers might go unnoticed.

Some devs suggested that surprise releases should be avoided in the future to prevent overshadowing smaller teams.

However, not everyone had negative reactions to Supergiant Games' surprise release of Hades 2. Devolver Digital announced that they would halt business meetings immediately after the unexpected launch of the game.

The creator of Rivals of Aether mentioned the fortunate timing of their platformer's release in late 2024, avoiding competition with Hades 2.

As for Hades 2, the game has been warmly welcomed by the players, boasting almost 96% positive reviews on Steam.

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  • Havoc Hammy

    I would rather indies spent their budgets on the game itself and not the marketing, but indies should feel free to do whatever they like, that's the whole point of being indie, there's only pleasing oneself.

    Ultimately, hype is only hype, and good games will sell themselves. Welcome to unmarketing where it's all about the steak and not the sizzle.

    The downside? Less preview coverage for media outlets, I guess, but I don't think the public ever really complains that they wish they'd been teased and tormented about a game they'd seen a good chunk of for several years before finally getting to play it.


    Havoc Hammy

    ·12 days ago·

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