Leveraging Jolt Physics in Godot to Set Up Car Physics For a Game

Rafael Gonçalves shared a cool demo providing an update on Stunt Xpress.

Indie Game Developer and Digital Artist Rafael Gonçalves has recently shared a new behind-the-scenes demo providing an update on Stunt Xpress, a fun upcoming game where you play as the best delivery van driver in the world delivering parcels and performing crazy stunts.

In the demo, the author showcased the new version of the game, which recently got ported from Godot 3.5 to Godot 4.2, and demonstrated the incredible car physics set up for Stunt Xpress with the help of Jorrit Rouwe's Jolt Physics library, brought to Godot by Mikael Hermansson. According to the developer, the van itself is a VehicleBody node that allows the player to control its thrust and steering while adhering to the same physics rules as the rest of the in-game elements.

"Currently, the default physics in 4.2 are a bit of a downgrade compared to what we had in 3.5," commented Rafael. "But setting up Jolt (as an add-on) went really smoothly, and the results are pretty good so far. Collisions are reliable and performance gains have been widely documented."

And here are some of the earlier demos for Stunt Xpress shared by the author:

Stunt Xpress is set to be released sometime next year. You can learn more and check out more demos here and wishlist the game over here.

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