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Maxon Released Cinema 4D 2023.2.0

The update adds changes to Commander, Node Editor, and the modeling workflow.

Maxon has released Cinema 4D 2023.2.0 – the latest version of the 3D modeling, animation, simulation and rendering software.

Its Commander now offers quick access to Maxon Capsules and your own assets and presets. You can easily discover and apply Capsules, add Redshift materials and utilize the power of Maxon’s Node-Based Capsules like Backdrop primitive and Spline tools.

As for the modeling workflow, Maxon presented a new Thicken Generator, which allows you to procedurally add thickness to any mesh. It generates a shell based on an existing mesh and preserves corners and perpendicular edges. It also supports vertex maps and polygon selections.

Node Editor now boasts a new, cleaner UI to help you navigate your node setups. It features more prominent color coding and makes it easier to work with nodes and create efficient node-based capsules.

In addition, Cinema 4D's Unified Simulation System received some improvements. Pyro previews in the viewport now support color and lighting, emitters include support for Maxon Noise and vertex maps, and the Destructor Force limits Pyro to the inside or outside of a box. Pyro Output generates automatically for Redshift renders and can be switched between Simulation Scenes. Balloon sims now also support vertex maps, allowing you to create seams and control areas of inflation.

The release brings new nodes as well:

  • Closest Points: return the closes points within a cloud to the query point via fast KDTree lookup

  • Float Formula: Basic formula support

  • Is Constant: tells if the output port is constant or not

  • Static Assert: condition-based (like formula node) used to validate constant inputs. Will show errors in RED on assertion, graph still executes.

  • Swap Erase: same as Erase Elements array node, but will not maintain array order for faster execution.

  • Point Info Node: expanded for easy access to point properties including selection, color, weight

  • Polygon Info Node: expanded for easy access to polygon points, point positions, selections and more

  • Get Property Names: outputs an array of stored property sets on Geometry, including selections, vertex weights, vertex colors, normals and UVs

  • Convex Hull Node: generate a simplified convex hull around an array of points

  • String Nodes: Join, Split, Repeat, Reverse, Strip Whitespace, Random String From Source, Random String Generator

Find the full list of changes here and don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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