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Maya's Tool For Creating SkinCluster & Proxy Meshes

Thomas Bittner demonstrated Kangaroo-Builder's handy Plane Cutter.

This tool developed by Thomas Bittner for Kangaroo-Builder leverages NURBS planes for both skinCluster generation and proxy geometry creation. Plane Cutter has become the developer's go-to tool over the last few years, making his workflow much more efficient.

For more details, check out this video tutorial below:

Kangaroo-Builder is Thomas Bittner's custom framework for rigging in Maya, a complete system that includes rig builder, tools for face rigs, a pipeline for collaborating and sharing within your team and creating backups, skinning, weight maps, and geometry tools.

You can learn more about Kangaroo-Builder and download it by clicking this link. Thomas Bittner often shares software updates and development progress on his LinkedIn page, for example, here's an Auto Scapula limb lock for realistic weight:

Recently, Thomas Bittner also shared a nice tip on how to use Deformer Graph in Unreal Engine to fix Morph Targets' artifacts:

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