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OpenAI Will Train Its AIs on Your Reddit Posts

The darkest timeline.

Just when you think the situation with questionable practices employed by AI developers to train their models can't get any worse, it does, with OpenAI, the developer behind ChatGPT, and Reddit announcing a new partnership.

As part of the agreement, the announcement reads, cleverly refraining from using the word "train", OpenAI will get access to Reddit's Data API, allowing them to use Reddit posts to "bring Reddit content to ChatGPT and new products".

In return, OpenAI will provide redditors and moderators with new AI-powered features and will become a Reddit advertising partner. The exact financial terms of the deal, which many compare to a similar $60 million AI training agreement between Google and Reddit signed earlier this year, remain undisclosed.

"Keeping the internet open is crucial, and part of being open means Reddit content needs to be accessible to those fostering human learning and researching ways to build community, belonging, and empowerment online," reads the announcement. "Reddit is a uniquely large and vibrant community that has long been an important space for conversation on the internet. Additionally, using LLMs, ML, and AI allow Reddit to improve the user experience for everyone."

Interestingly, this is not the first time in recent days that Reddit's and OpenAI's paths have intersected. Last week, the AI developer attempted to copyright strike the r/ChatGPT subreddit over the alleged unauthorized use of its logo. Although the complaint was later withdrawn, dozens of commenters pointed out the irony of OpenAI, "a company that scraped the entire internet", accusing others of copyright infringement. You can read the full story here.

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