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Photorealistic Human Face Animation Made For NVIDIA's Presentation

Marco Di Lucca shared a closer look at his latest digital human, created for NVIDIA's COMPUTEX 2024 keynote.

3D Artist and Principal Character Artist at NVIDIA Marco Di Lucca, whose lifelike character portraits never cease to amaze us, has taken to social media once again to offer a closer look at Ming, the artist's latest hyperrealistic digital character model made for Jensen Huang's recent keynote at COMPUTEX 2024.

Featured during the segment highlighting NVIDIA ACE, the company's suite of technologies designed to bring digital humans, non-player characters, and interactive avatars to life, the portrait showcased how ACE's generative AI can enhance digital skin realism by enabling real-time path-traced subsurface scattering. To create the portrait, the artist employed NVIDIA Omniverse, with the raindrops on Ming's face set up as a meshed simulation created in Maya using nParticles and then exported to Omniverse as a USD cache.

Here's the original presentation where Ming was first demonstrated (55:04):

And here are some of the artist's previous works, you can check out more by visiting Marco's ArtStation page:

Recently, NVIDIA also announced its plans to open-source the RTX Remix toolkit in June. Remix allows you to remaster old DirectX 8 and 9 games, adding ray tracing and thus improving the lights. It consists of two elements: a runtime renderer, which lets modders expand game compatibility and advance rendering capabilities, and a toolkit that "facilitates the modding of game assets and materials." While the renderer was open-sourced last year, the toolkit is now set to follow suit.

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