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Realistic Materials Created in Substance 3D Designer & Substance 3D Painter

Today we've gathered some newly-released material collections.

1. Puzzle Material

This material was created by Matthias Patscheider, an experienced Environment Artist from Remedy Entertainment. The Artist shared that this Jigsaw Puzzle was his personal project. The material is highly customizable and can be animated. It's done entirely in Substance 3D Designer, including the lighting and rendering. 

This package includes the main graph with all the logic of the material. It's a complex but well-organized graph with comments and explanations, which can be used as a resource in learning for everyone digging into it.

Matthias also mentions that the rendering is done entirely in Designer using the PBR Render node. 

"Switching the color mapping to ACES fully convinced me of the possibility to get portfolio renders from within Designer without switching to other software like Marmoset. The results felt much more energetic doing the renderings in ACES color space and converting them back to sRGB afterward. All results shown here are 1to1 taken from the Designer without further postprocessing."

Also, you may check out more details about the artist's workflows and processes on his Twitter account.

2. Wood Smart Materials 

The collection of 38 high-detail and customizable wood smart materials is created by Texture Artist, Javad Rajabzade.

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The materials were fully made with Substance 3D Painter and they are compatible with Substance 3D Painter, version 7.3.0 and higher. The developer notes that the package was also checked with the PBR validator. 

Furthermore, Javad revealed other material collections, including basic metal materials, high-detailed fabric smart materials, post-apocalyptic materials, and leather smart materials

3. Tiles/Materials Vol.1

Jonas Ronnegard has published sci-fi/hull materials and tiling textures for Substance 3D Painter or any other 3D software and engine that supports textures. 

The pack includes 24 customizable materials for Substance 3D Painter, and exported textures for use with other software, with 2k, 4k, and 8k resolution. 

Also, you may check out tutorials created by Jonas and his team, with a step-by-step guide on how to make advanced materials and textures using ZBrush & Substance 3D Designer. 

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