Take a Look at This Space Deep-Mining Indie Game Where You'll Fight Aliens

Mining asteroids and fighting aliens, that's a game I'd give a try.

Starminer is an upcoming space base-building game developed by CoolAndGoodGames, an indie studio with a funny name that consists of two people, and published under Paradox Arc, Paradox Interactive's indie publishing branch. The game will enter Steam's early access in 2024.

Image credit: CoolAndGoodGames, Starminer

Starminer puts players in the role of interstellar contractors. Starting with a small node ship, players will harvest resources from nearby asteroids, expanding their fleet and growing their galactic influence. As they mine resources, develop defensive capabilities, and establish colonies, players must remain vigilant against escalating alien threats that track their heat signature.

Image credit: CoolAndGoodGames, Starminer

The game immerses players into a captivating space adventure, offering them to experience the thrill of piloting a 150,000-ton warship in real time. Throughout the game, players must balance material requirements, power, tonnage, and size while maximizing fleet efficiency. Researching new modules and tools will enhance the fleet's capabilities while establishing link gates unlocks new opportunities in uncharted sectors of space.

Image credit: CoolAndGoodGames, Starminer

However, players must be cautious as their mining and expansion activities increase their heat signature, attracting more aggressive alien encounters. When the heat signature reaches critical levels, the alien threat becomes imminent, forcing players to defend their fleets at all costs using warships and defense platforms.

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