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Tutorial: Real-Time Destruction with Houdini & Unreal

Simon Verstraete shared a new two-part video tutorial.

The first part of the tutorial provides a full walkthrough from making a model to destroying it in Unreal Engine. "Unreal has a great plugin with Apex Destruction to do this. It offers various settings you can tweak to get decent real-time simulations of destruction," noted Simon.

Houdini can be used in this case to set up custom fracturing of models. The video above explains using the material fracture node for auto fracturing models and adding details to that.

The second part of the guide explains the full process of making a model destructible in Unreal Engine 4. The artist discussed other ways to fracture models and explained how you can tweak different parts. "Another advantage of Houdini is the procedural nature of it so we can get variations and plug in any model in the setup," noted the artist.

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