A New Tool For Making Ink Paintings Out of 3D Models in Blender

Zhihao Yao's highly anticipated InkTool 1.0 is now available to download.

A couple of weeks after the initial announcement, HCI Researcher and 3D Designer Zhihao Yao finally released InkTool 1.0, a brand-new add-on for Blender that lets its user turn their 3D models into beautiful ink painting-style artworks in just a few clicks.

First showcased in late January, InkTool 1.0 is a Geometry Nodes-powered plug-in for creating traditional Chinese ink painting-like 3D models that resemble Zhihao's own projects. Compatible with Blender 3.6 LTS and Blender 4.0, the tool allows you to select a model, apply ink-like textures and outlines by simply pressing a couple of buttons, and tweak the post-processing settings to your liking.

What's more, InkTool allows you to turn Curves into appealing brush strokes and comes with a library of models that you'll be able to add to your projects. In the future, the creator also plans to share a detailed tutorial explaining the nuances of the add-on.

InkTool 1.0's core functions:

  • Inkbrush: 3D ink brushstrokes.
  • Inkedge: Add ink strokes outline to any model.
  • Inktexture: Convert existing textures to procedural ink textures.
  • Inkshadow: Convert objects into ink shadows receiver.


  • One-click rice paper background.
  • One-click old-fashioned effect.

Template library:

  • Continuously updated ink model library.
  • Freely adjustable generator.

You can learn more and download InkTool 1.0 by visiting Zhihao Yao's Gumroad page.

Previously, the author showcased ink-style cat animationbody and shadow animation achieved with real-time compositing, and a fully-rigged 3D bird model:

Besides the ink-style artworks, Zhihao is also known for mind-blowing setups that all involve Blender to some capacity.

Earlier, the creator managed to break the fourth wall between the artist and the project by figuring out an unorthodox way to illuminate parts of the scene using an iPhone, showcased a setup that allows one to move objects in Blender by simply tilting a laptop, created a neat water splash generator, and more. You can check out all of these projects by visiting Zhihao's Twitter page.

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