A New Tutorial Explains How to Make Realistic Wind in Unreal Engine 5

Ghislain Girardot showcased a novel technique to create Niagara-driven 2D wind.

Following two weeks and a dozen demos worth of waiting, Game Developer and Content Creator Ghislain Girardot has finally launched the first part of his new tutorial, dedicated to creating a Niagara-based 2D wind system with controllable wind direction, force, gusts, and turbulence in Unreal Engine 5.

Taking a deep dive into the topic, the creator spoke at length about wind systems in general, their advantages and weaknesses, and why the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it when it comes to simulating wind.

In the tutorial, Ghislain explained how to work with noise textures and tiled particles, showed how to write a wind manager blueprint, discussed setting up a wind particle system in Niagara, demonstrated how to animate grass with this system, and shared tons of UE5 tips and tricks along the way. You can watch the full tutorial attached below or by visiting the author's YouTube channel.

Furthermore, the creator released the demonstrated wind system as a downloadable asset available as a Tier 2 reward on Ghislain's Patreon. Please note that only the system itself is included, not the grass asset.

And here are some of the amazing demos shared earlier by the artist:

Last year, the developer also shared an enormous 2-hour-long video presenting a brand-new custom-made procedural waterfall generation tool and providing a thorough explanation of how it was made in Unreal Engine 5. You can watch the full tutorial here.

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