A Redditor's Mom Tried Playing Skyrim and Became a Professional Alchemist

The woman started with "mastering the art of not walking into walls" but three weeks later, she came up with a comprehensive guide on how to make potions.

Reddit user CreedenceFearwater has recently shared a charming story about his mom playing video games.

According to the Redditor, the woman was eager to join the gaming community and insisted that her first steps in gaming should start with Skyrim. So, the author of the post apparently installed the game and showed his mother how to play.

As noted by CreedenceFearwater, at first, the woman could not even control the character and constantly ran into walls and other obstacles. However, she didn't give up her hobby and kept learning how to play Skyrim.

Three weeks later, Redditor's mother sent her son a photograph of a large printed table with alchemical ingredients and notes on how to create certain potions. CreedenceFearwater was amazed by the fact his mother not only learned to play but also seemingly managed to set herself up with a "very profitable potion sales business."

Users of the Skyrim subreddit loved the story told by CreedenceFearwater, which currently has over 19,000 upvotes, and praised the woman for her diligence and enterprise. Some of them even called the author's mom a "savior" as they were looking for a comprehensive alchemy guide like she created for years. 

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