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Adobe Disapproves of the Use of "Photoshop" as a Verb or Noun

"How do you pronounce © and ®?"

Even though most companies would sacrifice half their yearly revenue to achieve the status of having their brand name become a widely recognized noun or verb, akin to Kleenex and Google, it seems that Adobe, the company behind everyone's favorite CG art tools such as Photoshop, After Effects, and Substance 3D, doesn't share this sentiment, discouraging its users from utilizing the word "Photoshop" as anything other than a trademark.

In a recent viral tweet shared by Corey Quinn, the author drew attention to Adobe's official trademark guidelines, ridiculing the company's insistence on always including the "®" symbol after its name or the names of its products and deeming words like "photoshopped", "photoshopping", etc. incorrect. While they may be technically accurate, the strict rules that no one, including Adobe, follows and no one enforces only served to amuse the audience, which mercilessly mocked the guidelines in the comments:

For some reason, Corey chose to include only one sample from Adobe's trademark guidelines in his tweet, even though the original page offers a plethora of equally humorous examples, so here they are:

Interestingly enough, the guidelines in question are anything but new, with Reddit user palmfranz pointing out the absurdity of those rules as far back as 7 years ago:

Aside from mockery, some users also shared legitimate assumptions about why the guidelines are so strict regarding the use of ©s and ®s, pointing out that other companies like Nintendo and the aforementioned Google also discourage the casual use of their brand names to protect their trademarks:

So, what's your take on Adobe's guidelines? Do you find them funny or not? How often do you use "Photoshop" as a noun or verb? Let us know in the comments!

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