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Adobe is Partnering With Epic Games & Autodesk to Provide Game Creators With Powerful Tools

The company plans to make versions of Substance 3D Modeler/Painter available to creators on Epic's Fab and collaborate with Autodesk to create a common 3D material model.

During its Substance Day keynote at GDC 2023, the Adobe Substance 3D team announced that they are partnering with Epic Games and Autodesk to provide game developers with powerful tools and create cross-platform standards for 3D material models.

As part of this collaboration, Adobe plans to develop special versions of its Substance 3D Painter and Modeler applications that will be available for creators from Fab, Epic's recently-revealed unified marketplace that brings together Unreal Engine Marketplace, Sketchfab, Quixel Bridge, and the ArtStation Marketplace.

On top of that, the team stated that they are working on a customized bundle and Fab plug-in to enable Digital Artists and Developers to "experience the magic of Substance 3D" in Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), a newly-revealed editor that brings Unreal Engine 5's tools into Fortnite.

Furthermore, Adobe shared its plans to combine the current Autodesk Standard Surface and Adobe Standard Material into a new 3D material model that could be used across Adobe and Autodesk products and be adopted by other industry players.

"Having a common material model will simplify interoperability of 3D assets helping artists and studios to work faster and more efficiently," commented Adobe. "As part of this collaborative effort to promote open standards and ensure maximum portability, Adobe and Autodesk are actively engaging with the MaterialX governance group to ensure that the new model can be integrated and fully encoded within a MaterialX node graph."

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