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Alan Wake 2's Completion Time Will Be About 20 Hours

Remedy held a Q&A session revealing additional details about Alan Wake 2.

During a Q&A session held following this year's Summer Game Fest, the Remedy Entertainment team revealed additional information about the game.

As reported by Wccftech, the demo of Alan Wake 2 revealed that the sequel will incorporate familiar gameplay mechanics from the original game. However, there will also be notable differences.

For instance, according to Remedy, a new mechanic introduced in Alan Wake 2 will be Light. The developer revealed that players will need to use this mechanic with Alan in the Dark Place, although they haven't shared many details on it saying that will showcase how this mechanic works at a later date.

Speaking of the character-switching mechanic, Remedy explained that each character in Alan Wake 2 has their own distinct set of missions, allowing players to experience their individual stories in any desired order following the beginning. However, towards the end of the game, players will have to follow a specific path that the developers prepared, although they didn't go into detail about what this path entails.

With Alan Wake 2 featuring two interconnected campaigns, there have been questions regarding the game's estimated completion time. In response, Remedy stated that the duration will vary depending on players' skills, but the current estimate from the team is over 20 hours.

Remedy further elaborated on the mechanics of the Mind Place in Alan Wake 2. According to the team, the emphasis lies in the necessity of finding clues, as progression is impossible without them. In some instances, players will need to engage in profiling, interrogations, or conversations with specific individuals during missions to acquire the crucial clues required for making progress.

In addition to the base game, Remedy revealed its plans to release two expansions for Alan Wake 2. While it didn't disclose many specifics about these expansions, it mentioned that they will be similar in nature to the expansions they created for Control.

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