Autograph: Motion Design & Visual Effects Tool

It comes with Filament, a real-time physically-based renderer.

Left Angle released Autograph, a new digital content creation and compositing tool for motion design and visual effects. 

Autograph's 3D engine is based on Pixar’s USD platform and allows you to create and import complex scenes. It comes with Filament, a real-time physically-based renderer and promises to save artists a lot of time.

The software allows combining 2D and 3D assets directly in the timeline and rendering them in one place with a unified workflow. 

Autograph uses Modifiers to apply transformations through parameters. You can multiply a number, shorten a word, blur an image, or warp a 3D object with them. Its Generators, an alternative to a node graph, are used for creating procedural content.

The tool's instancer helps mass animate graphic elements, position them on a grid, or execute complex animation. It can connect to databases using CSV data files "for easy personalization and localization."

Autograph is marketed as "the first responsive design video software", with artists able to deliver multiple versions of projects. Each composition can be modified in real time using its varied set of tools. The software also allows you to create tools, generators, and custom effects.

Autograph supports several standard file formats, including SVG, PSD, OpenEXR, and USD. Moreover, it works with ProRes, VP9, H.264, HEVC, and AV1 codecs. 

You can also synchronize projects to the Artisan cloud, the company's collaborative review platform.

If you're interested, the GUI version is available for $1,795, $59/month, or $599/year. The Autograph Renderer costs $399, $13.50/month or $135/year. 

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  • Macduff Duffdaddy

    Why has this had practically NO press coverage or reviews yet? Looks amazeballs but no one is talking about it?


    Macduff Duffdaddy

    ·7 months ago·

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