Check Out This Step-by-Step Guide for Unreal Engine 5's MetaHuman Animator

If you ever wanted to work with the MetaHuman tool in Unreal Engine 5 that allows users to create highly realistic and customizable digital human characters, then these tutorials might be useful for you.

Have a look at this incredible tutorial shared by Bad Decisions Studio, a creative studio comprising two brothers – Farhad and Faraz Shabibi, who unveiled a step-by-step guide on creating a custom MetaHuman with Unreal Engine 5. In part one of this series, they transformed their friend into her digital avatar using the mesh to MetaHuman feature.

They also asked us to note that the result isn't a perfect clone due to limitations in the MetaHuman creator. However, in the next video, they promised to delve deeper into customization by refining the mesh in Blender, enhancing the texture in Substance 3D Painter, and potentially creating custom hair.

For those unaware, MetaHuman is a powerful tool within Unreal Engine 5 that allows users to create highly realistic and customizable digital human characters. It provides a comprehensive system for generating complex human models with sophisticated facial features, hair, and clothing. With MetaHuman, developers, filmmakers, and artists can quickly generate lifelike characters for use in video games, virtual reality experiences, films, and other forms of digital media. The tool includes a wide range of options for customization, enabling users to tweak facial expressions, body proportions, and other attributes to achieve the desired look and feel for their characters. MetaHuman leverages advanced technologies such as real-time rendering and dynamic animations to produce stunningly realistic and immersive results.

Earlier on, in an impressive showcase, Bad Decisions Studio revealed a stunning 3D jungle environment created using Unreal Engine 5. Utilizing the engine's powerful features and the photogrammetry capabilities of Polycam, a versatile 3D scanning application compatible with iOS, Android, and the web, the team successfully constructed a breathtakingly realistic scene. The focal point of this immersive setting was a meticulously crafted totem pole that added a captivating touch to the overall environment.

They also shared the results of a recent experiment with 3D Gaussian Splatting and Unreal Engine 5, demonstrating how they can be used to turn iconic movie shots into 3D scenes.

Getting back to the MetaHuman tool, here are more videos on how to start or continue working with it in Unreal Engine 5.

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