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Check Out This Unity-powered Racing Game Inspired By Micro Machines

Turn a mundane domestic setting into a dramatic racing circuit full of hazards and treacherous obstacles once again in this nostalgic top-down Unity-based indie racer called Tiny Tires.

Do you remember the classic Micro Machines series, bringing to life children's games of turning the breakfast table into a risky racing track with food and kitchen utensils? Want to play a cute racing game and swerve at the last minute to avoid crushing into cereal? This charming stylized retro racing game might be for you.

Tiny Tires is a top-down arcade nostalgic racer made by Game Developer and Motion Graphics Designer Jón Kristinsson, heavily inspired by the Micro Machines toy line of miniature vehicles and the series of racing games based on household settings with obstacles in the form of mundane items.

Image Credits: Supersonic Software, Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament

Image Credits: Jón Kristinsson, Tiny Tires

Image Credits: Jón Kristinsson, Tiny Tires

In Tiny Tires you will face a lot of serious traps and obstacles to test your driving skills: correctional fluid drops, coffee stains, rulers, playing cards, dice, and many more. Be careful not to fall off the track.

Image Credits: Jón Kristinsson, Tiny Tires

Image Credits: Jón Kristinsson, Tiny Tires

The game will feature local multiplayer, with up to four players so far according to the developer. You can also customize the color of the cars and choose various tracks: the breakfast kitchen table, the office, and the casino one. Take a look at the old trailer for the casino roulette racetrack below:

These are some of the obstacles you will face in the game so far:

Image Credits: Jón Kristinsson, Tiny Tires

Jón Kristinsson often shares the game's progress on his social media, for example, here you can check out more clips of actual gameplay:

While there's no known date of release and available platforms yet, the game's Steam page and a fresh trailer are already on their way:

If you wish to stay updated on Tiny Tires' progress and future updates, follow Jón Kristinsson's personal X/Twitter account and the game one. This way, you won't miss the chance to wishlist it on Steam and any further announcements.

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