Copy & Paste Textures to Solve Puzzles in This Fun Platformer

Ruffy and the Riverside offers an interesting approach to environmental puzzles.

Working with textures is no new task for artists, but if you are a simple player, you can still experience an element of development in Ruffy and the Riverside, an upcoming platformer by Zockrates Laboratories where you copy and paste textures to solve puzzles.

"You are Ruffy, the Chosen One. And you have the SWAP! With the SWAP, you can change the entire game world - the way you imagine it and the way it should be! Use the SWAP to turn ice into lava or to transform a waterfall into a climbing vine. With the SWAP you can overcome any obstacle and solve any puzzle."

You can switch different objects and materials to reach unusual solutions. Swap stones for wood, wood for fish, fish for the moon, the moon for the sun, and see what happens. The game mixes 2D with 3D to create a cute cozy open-world adventure where anything is possible.

Image credit: Zockrates Laboratories

Ruffy can explore the world by climbing, jumping, running, skating, and more. Of course, every hero needs a nemesis, and Ruffy has one, too. 

"Save Riverside from the lunatic villain Groll! Groll wants to destroy the sacred World Core and plunge Riverside into chaos. Stand up to Groll and his henchmen and travel with Ruffy to fantastic places."

Image credit: Zockrates Laboratories

Your friends will help you fight the evil. There is Pip, "the sassy bee," Sir Eddler, the adventurous mole, Silja, the wise turtle, Minna, the brave owl, your "crazy basketball buddy" Snokko, and more. 

Make friends, join gangs, design your own textures, and have fun with Ruffy and the Riverside. The game doesn't have a release date, but you can follow its development on X/Twitter.

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