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David Gaider: Developers Will Invest Significant Effort in AI-Based Dialogue Games, Yet Face Failure

The former Dragon Age writer David Gaider believes that attempts to bring AI-generated dialogues to games will bring no significant outcome.

Former BioWare writer David Gaider, known for his work on the Dragon Age franchise, has recently taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on the use of AI in game development, particularly discussing some studios' attempts to create AI-based NPCs.

The writer mentioned that BioWare had a phase when they experimented with the technology. However, according to him, during that period, every attempt served as a confirmation that no significant outcomes would be achieved.

"Each time, the team collectively believed – believed down at their CORE – that [AI-generated dialogue] was possible. Just within reach. And each time we discovered that, even when the procedural lines were written by human hands, the end result once they were assembled was... lackluster. Soulless," Gaider wrote.

According to Gaider, the issue lies less in the individual lines of dialogue and more in their cumulative effect. He firmly believes that AI is incapable of generating fully-developed and captivating quests.

"I could easily see a team coming to the conclusion that AI could generate lines specific to the moment as opposed to generic by necessity... an infinite monkeys answer to a content problem, right? Brilliant!" the writer said.

"In my opinion, however, the issue wasn't the lines. It was that procedural content generation of quests results in something *shaped* like a quest. It has the beats you need for one, sure, but the end result is no better than your typical "bring me 20 beetle heads" MMO quest."

Gaider concluded the thread by saying that if artificial intelligence were to someday possess intuition and a "soul," the incorporation of AI in video game development would become the least of humanity's concerns. At the same time, the writer is sure that the development teams will make numerous attempts to incorporate AI into dialogue creation despite the fact that they will ultimately fail.

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    Dragon Age isn't better than AI tho... 😂


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