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Enjoy A Brilliant Parallax View In This Roguelike Dogfight Game

Wind Runners is a pixelated, action-packed, side-scroller game that promises to be a wild ride. Hold on tight!

Ludic Studios, an independent game studio from Brazil, has recently unveiled footage showcasing combat in their game under development, impressing us with advanced parallax effects:

The studio is currently working on a new game titled Wind Runners. This roguelike side-scroller dogfight game offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a story of rebellion and freedom.

Image Credit: Ludic Studios, Wind Runners

Image Credit: Ludic Studios, Wind Runners

For centuries in the game world, the Realm has maintained a firm grip on the Zarah Igna System through fear and military might. However, this status quo is challenged by a group of resolute Ishma rising against the Realm's tyranny. Known as the Wind Runners, you possess superior aerial combat skills and vow to liberate all those oppressed by the Realm.

Image Credit: Ludic Studios, Wind Runners

Image Credit: Ludic Studios, Wind Runners

In Wind Runners, players can choose from a variety of ships, each equipped with unique weapons. You can enhance your chosen ship's power with equipment and upgrades obtained throughout the game. One of your primary missions is to fight 'The Torments,' gigantic metal beasts scattered across the planets in the Zarah Igna system.

Image Credit: Ludic Studios, Wind Runners

The game's announcement trailer was revealed back in 2019. Let's take a look:

We can also get a sneak peek at its various gorgeous backgrounds from footage shared by the developer:

While an exact release date is not yet known, the game is listed as 'coming soon' on Steam and can be wishlisted now. You can follow the developer on Twitter so as not to miss any updates from the game. 

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