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Everything Everywhere All At Once Bagel Is Just a Black Blender Donut

The VFX artists behind the movie discussed how the effects were created. 

Everything Everywhere All At Once is a movie well-received by the audience and nominated for Oscars and BAFTA. Its success doesn't rely on super-expensive visual effects though, in fact, many of them were made at home. 

The movie's VFX team told BBC about the effects creation process and the ideas they came up with to optimize production.

Everything Everywhere All At Once, like many others, suffered from the COVID lockdown, and the creators' "limited budget and a large ambition" didn't make the job easier. The five-person group of VFX artists worked on most of the visuals from their bedrooms in the US and had to rely on Adobe's After Effects and Blender to create mostly 2D effects.

"I think the coolest thing about the visual effects on this film is that they're all feasible on a budget," said Ben Brewer. "Any shot that you've seen in this film, there's no price point on it that's particularly high."

If you watched the film and thought the bagel threatening to destroy the multiverse looked familiar, you were right, it is exactly what you think it looks like: a black Blender donut, a legendary model every beginner 3D artist makes.

"Thousands of people have made this same doughnut with pink frosting. You model it, you light it - it's how you get the basics," shared Brewer. "I decided to just turn the icing off of this doughnut that I modelled – and make it black."

This is not the only trick the team used: there is also that cooking scene that was made in 2D using Adobe After Effects' paintbrush, as revealed by Jeff Desom in December.

Everything Everywhere All At Once proves that you don't need to have huge budgets to create something great.

"If you can do VFX creatively and keep it focused on the creative [element] – and not about pushing technological boundaries – then anything is possible," said Zak Stoltz.

Anything, anywhere, and all at once, even being nominated for the most prestigious awards – really inspiring.

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