Fantasy PVE Survival Game Nightingale Reaches 40,000 Concurrent Players

The title is led by an ex-BioWare developer.

Nightingale, a PVE open-world survival crafting game from Inflexion Games, has been released and managed to attract 47,569 concurrent players on Steam hours after that.

While the number is impressive, especially for the first game from a studio, its reviews are Mixed right now, with only 54% of players recommending the experience. Users note weak connection to servers, which is detrimental for an online-only game (and it's an issue in itself), complicated UI, and questionable character customization.

So it seems we have another rocky launch on our hands, but I hope the developers will fix the problems soon.

Image credit: Inflexion Games

Nightingale lets you venture through magical portals to explore forests, swamps, and deserts, build a grand base, and upgrade a range of melee weapons and firearms to fight formidable bosses.

"Assemble a miscellany of Realm Cards to reshape the landscape of your next destination. While each realm will feature new dangers, discoveries, and surprises, you have the power to influence its design, including prevalence of hostiles, abundance of resources, and even the environment itself."

Image credit: Inflexion Games

Inflexion Games was founded by former BioWare developer Aaryn Flynn, who had worked on Baldur's Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. You can find out more about Nightingale's creation from our interview with him.

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