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Fun, Free-to-Play Indie Game Where You Get Disrespected by Aliens

Investigate strange UFO sightings and get slapped by ETs in Roswell Ranch, a UE5-powered survival horror from HELIX Games.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to get slapped by a dozen big-eyed grey aliens all at once? If, for some inexplicable reason, your answer is "yes", then we've got the perfect game just for you.

Check out Roswell Ranch, a UE5-powered, free-to-play, first-person survival horror game from HELIX Games, where you need to investigate strange sightings on a farm, search for weapon components, and defend the premises from otherworldly invaders. All the while, you'll need to avoid a vigilant UFO and aggressive extraterrestrials who, from the looks of it, outright disrespect you by slapping you with their weird mitts instead of, for example, using some alien tech to vaporize you straight to the Shadow Realm.

"It's your job to find the components of BERTHA, the world's first anti-extraterrestrial firearm. Solve puzzles around the farm to find all the parts, and you might just stand a chance against those big-headed invaders! Oh, and be careful – a watchful UFO patrols the area, eager to abduct any humans it finds," reads the game's Steam description. "Upon completion, players are presented with completion time that adds replay value. How fast can you save the farm?"

According to the developer, the game is coming within the next few months. You can learn more and wishlist Roswell Ranch on Steam.

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