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Having Fun With Blender And the VirtuCamera App

Cosmo Mídias showcased a fun experimental setup.

Cosmo Mídias, a 3D Blender Artist and asset creator, has recently unveiled a fun setup that blurs the line between the digital and real worlds and allows one to manipulate a 3D mesh in real-time by simply shaking a smartphone.

Inspired by a similar experiment that utilized VR controllers instead of a phone, Cosmo's setup relies primarily on VirtuCamera, a neat iPhone app that lets users control 3D cameras by moving the device in any direction, with VirtuCamera capturing the motion and instantly sending it over Wi-Fi to the camera in a 3D software.

True to form, the artist combined VirtuCamera with his software of choice, Blender, to achieve the final result. You can learn more bout the project and check out Cosmo's previous works by clicking this link.

Earlier, a two-person 3D animation studio YONK showcased a similar system that allowed them to manipulate a digital 3D marionette in Blender in real-time using a real-life VR hand controller. Could it be that YONK's setup was the aforementioned source of inspiration behind Cosmo's experiment?

Back in February, 3D Artist Rayan Zomorodi also told us how he utilized VirtuCamera to record the camera movements for a 3D render so photorealistic that it was actually removed by Reddit mods.

And here are some insightful guides that will help you learn more about VirtuCamera for Blender:

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