If You Don't Want Skull & Bones, Try This Free Pirate Shooter

Blackwake's first update in 4 years makes it free to play.

If you don't feel like giving the "AAAA" adventure Skull and Bones your hard-earned $70, turn your gaze to Blackwake, another pirate shooter that has just become free to play.

Blackwake is described as a multiplayer naval FPS focused on teamwork and cooperation. You can have fun destroying enemies' ships and then fighting their crews. Up to 54 players can play in a lobby, with 13 people in a team. 

You get a great variety of weapons to "snipe, slice, and blow away nasty pirates" in the deathmatch, siege, or Capture the Booty modes. Of course, your ship needs some TLC after all these battles, so take care of it, repair what's broken, and reload cannons.

Blackwake was released in Early Access back in 2017 and saw the full release in 2020. Unfortunately, it didn't meet much success, so its player numbers started dwindling, and the developer Mastfire Studios eventually closed down. On February 28, the game suddenly became free, probably in response to Skull and Bones' release and as the last attempt to revive the action. And it worked: while Blackwake used to have only a handful of players every day, it reached a new burst of 1,180 people yesterday. 

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