Kacper Szwajka's Guide on Procedural Placement in Unity Gets Updated

The developer continues to refine the setup.

In case you missed it, a couple of weeks ago, Technical Artist and Art Director Kacper Szwajka shared a detailed breakdown detailing a Horizon Zero Dawn-inspired method for implementing run-time GPU placement of objects on the terrain in Unity.

Since then, the developer posted the second part of the write-up and continued to refine the setup described in it, showcasing the results with stunning demos similar to the ones posted before.

Kacper's new article, "Efficient GPU Rendering for Dynamic Instances in Game Development", picks up where the first one ended and explains how the enormous amounts of procedurally placed vegetation can be rendered in Unity, with the focus being on setting up compute shaders and optimizing batch counts by merging them into fewer material passes.

"We're working with a system that aims to use the least amount of data possible for a fixed number of transformations, but with the flexibility to handle different types of game elements (referred to as 'Prefabs')," commented the creator on the method described in the breakdown. "The goal is to render everything as efficiently as possible, with most processes (like culling, LOD selection, and data compaction) being handled by the GPU."

You can read the new "Efficient GPU Rendering for Dynamic Instances in Game Development" article by clicking this link.

Additionally, the developer shared several new behind-the-scenes demos showcasing the refined and enhanced setup and highlighting the new additions and updates, as well as the ideas behind them, that it got in recent weeks. You can check out some of these demos attached below or by visiting Kacper's Twitter page:

Recently, we contacted the developer and spoke about his artistic journey, experience with Unity, and what makes the engine versatile when it comes to setting up gameplay mechanics. The interview is going live next Monday, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we recommend checking out these insightful tutorials if you want to learn more about procedural generation in Unity:

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