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Long-Awaited Photorealistic FPS Bodycam is Launching This Week

The game will be publically released in Steam Early Access.

Shortly after kicking off the second playtesting round for Bodycam, a highly anticipated UE5-powered first-person shooter with hyperrealistic graphics, Reissad Studio has issued one more exciting statement announcing that the long-awaited game is set to hit the shelves later this week.

Reissad Studio

In case you missed out on all the hype, here's a quick rundown. First unveiled back in 2023, Bodycam was one of the key titles that amplified the trend of photorealistic shooter games, a movement initiated by DRAMA's Unrecord in April last year.

Described by the developers as an ultra-realistic multiplayer first-person shooter designed to push the boundaries of photorealism, the game features high-octane deathmatch gameplay where two teams compete to be the last ones standing. Players can look forward to a variety of weapons, strategically designed maps, ragdoll physics, and a unique bodycam-style fisheye camera perspective.

Reissad Studio

As per the team's latest announcement, Bodycam is scheduled to go live on June 7 at 11 PM UTC and will be publically available in Steam Early Access, allowing one to try out the game before its final release and provide feedback that the devs aim to utilize to improve the game going forward. The Early Access version of the game will be available for $29.99, you can learn more and wishlist the game by visiting its official Steam page.

Reissad Studio

And if you would like to learn more about the production process behind Bodycam, we highly recommend checking out our interview with Reissad Studio, where they told us about the story and development of the game, spoke about the game's camera and lighting, discussed its shooting mechanics, and more.

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