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NetEase Will Implement ChatGPT in Justice Online Mobile

The player will be able to talk to NPCs and make them do stuff based on their dialog.

ChatGPT keeps growing in popularity and occupying new fields. NetEase is planning to implement the chatbot technology in its upcoming MMO Justice Online Mobile so that players can freely communicate with NPCs, influence their decisions, and even make them do something based on their words.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, the company will use AI to "create conversations that are fully voiced, emotive, and impactful". For instance, you could get between lovers or tell a character their house is on fire and they'd rush home.

Alternatively, you can question a couple's marriage and get reprimanded or disapprove of long-distance relationships – and after a while learn that the character you talked to about it broke up with their miles-away beloved. Check out the examples in the video here.

NPCs will be able to remember conversations and even spread the word, so the possibilities are exciting and plentiful.

NetEase also wants to use AI to support task generation, content creation, character customization, and more. While it sounds cool, it raises a lot of concerns about people in the professions, like voice actors and content creators.

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