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New Indie Games: April List

Looking for new cool games? Here're five indie titles that are worth waiting for.


Sea of Stars is a new turn-based RPG inspired by the nostalgic style of the 90s. Being developed by Sabotage, the creators of the highly-rated game The Messenger, Sea of Stars is set in the same inverse and is said to be a prequel to the original story. The game, however, is likely to be enjoyable even to those who haven't played The Messenger, as it'll be full of original characters such as Valery, a blue-haired girl gifted with Lunar Magic, and Zale, a warrior with a sunblade (you can find the full stories and animated characters on the game's page).

Apart from a significant focus on the story, Sea of Stars is action-packed and features a versatile combat system with timed hits, multi-character combo attacks, strategic defense, and more. 

On the technical side of things, it's worth mentioning that the lighting in the game is 100% dynamic providing a smooth day and night cycle, eclipses, and changing weather. What's more, as you progress, you will gain full control over the celestial motion of the sun and moon and will be able to change the lighting in real-time.

The game is not going to appear on the market soon as it's planned for 2022, but we bet it's worth waiting for.

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Industries of Titan is a city-building strategy where you can create an extraterrestrial civilization on Saturn's moon Titan. Starting from scratch, you'll be able to create a powerful strategically advantageous metropolis with strong (or not) economy and advanced technologies. The game is not altogether about peaceful progress, and you will have rivals to compete with for the total control of the moon.

The stunning visuals add to the immersive gameplay and judging by the trailer might draw you into it for half a day against your intent to spend just an hour or two on building your city. Additionally to that, the developers say that the gameplay is going to be "real-time with pause" - whatever that means, it will definitely allow you to play at a preferred pace and enjoy the game to the full.

Brace Yourself Games already released their game in Early Access on Epic Games Store; on Steam, it is expected to become available in 2021.

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Across the Grooves by Nova-box is an interactive graphic novel with beautiful hand-painted visuals and delightful music that adapts to the story turns and the mood of the scenes.

Fans of the games like Life is Strange might especially like the game as its core mechanics are the same: you'll follow through the course of events as Alice, an ordinary woman with a stable life, who suddenly travels to her past by listening to an old vinyl record sent by her ex-boyfriend and discovers her reality changed after coming back.

Just like LiS, the game has consequential choices and parallel realities as well as a few storylines and endings providing you with unique gaming experience and the ability to choose your own path.

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Dead Static Drive developed by Fanclub is a horror survival game that is said to combine Grand Theft Auto and none other than Cthulhu.

Not much is known about the game universe but an intriguing setup leaves us wishing to learn more: you're on the road driving a car through interstate surroundings when you suddenly see someone attacked by an unknown entity. You save them but they turn against you and steal your car. You get to the nearest diner that feels safe until the nightfall comes and the darkness brings chaos. Soon enough you realize that you are forced to flee or fight for your life against an unknown unseen horror... You have no choice other than unite with other survivors and barricade yourselves in a safe place (is it safe, though?) or be on your own and stay alive by any means available, be it stealing, scavenging, or even killing - who knows?

In a nutshell, welcome to Route 666.

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Lost Forest's Winter Hall is another horror game built around rich English folklore that will tell you a story of the victims of the 14th-century plague, also known as Black Death, during which millions of people died.

Winter Hall is yet another game that lets you go back in time and change the course of events while witnessing the lives of the dead. Among those people whose stories you'll discover are a herbalist and a priest from 1348, a 16th-century witch, an amateur detective from 1918, and your own past self (you'll be playing as an archaeologist).

If you are a fan of such games as Gone Home and Dear Esther, Winter Hall is likely to be to your taste. The game will give you room for exploring the surroundings, solving puzzles, talking to people or learning the story through notes, objects, and other fragments of the past.

The vivid atmosphere of English folk horror full of dark symbols and bad omens might especially interest those who were captivated by 1973's The Wicker Man.

And if you are looking for more mystery, the game developers mentioned just the thing - at some point in the story, you might face the beast of Winter Hall itself.

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