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OpenAI Is Allegedly Aiming to Conquer Hollywood

The movie business might get a new AI video generator soon.

Image credit: Varavin88/Shutterstock

AI is taking more and more space in our lives: games, art, and now movies – nothing is safe from its penetrating gaze. OpenAI, the creator of DALL-E and ChatGPT, is reportedly trying to insert itself into Hollywood: it has scheduled meetings with studios, media executives, and talent agencies next week to form partnerships and make them integrate its new AI video generator into their work, according to Bloomberg's sources.

This is just another round of introductions as the startup also had several meetings led by Chief Operating Officer Brad Lightcap in late February. There, he presented OpenAI's Sora, its new text-to-video diffusion model. Later, its CEO Sam Altman allegedly attended parties in Los Angeles during the weekend of the Academy Awards.

"OpenAI has a deliberate strategy of working in collaboration with industry through a process of iterative deployment – rolling out AI advances in phases – in order to ensure safe implementation and to give people an idea of what’s on the horizon," said OpenAI's spokesperson. "We look forward to an ongoing dialogue with artists and creatives."

OpenAI isn't the first to come up with a text-to-video model: there are competitors like Pika, Runway, NVIDIA, and Google, but if it manages to occupy the movie industry, what chance do humans have? Maybe we should all go farming, as NVIDIA's CEO suggested.

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