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Player Added Microtransactions to Doom

Don't give them ideas, please.

Image credit: id Software

With the recent trend of publishers adding microtransactions even into single-player games, I wouldn't be surprised to see more bizarre paid options in the future. However, you probably didn't expect some in Doom, but I'm here to show you that anything's possible, especially when it comes to this old game.

X/Twitter user Guy Dupont thinks we should stop playing Doom on all kinds of things and start adding new options to it instead. So he graciously allowed players to pay for their favorite id Software game: every time you pick up an item, Doom freezes and shows you a QR code until you pay.

The former president of Blizzard Mike Ybarra might be happy to see this implementation of the tipping system he wishes to see.

Dupont's "solution" was created for the Boston Stupid Shit Nobody Needs & Terrible Ideas hackathon, and I think it deserves an award.

"The game is actually modified! I jammed libcurl into the Chocolate Doom source port and wrote a little Python server to generate QR codes and handle the payment info," said Dupont.

The hackathon took place on April 13 and I couldn't find any other entries, unfortunately. But you can see what other great ideas participants came up with in the past on the event's website.

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  • Anonymous user

    People are way to greedy. Can't enjoy anything without having to pay extra.


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·

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