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Samsung Mocks Apple's Crushing iPad Commercial

"We would never crush creativity," says Samsung, promoting its new tablet series featuring generative AI.

If you are in any way interested in the tech industry, you must've already heard about Apple's smashing iPad Pro commercial and the subsequent social media uproar, but for the uninitiated, here's a quick recap.

During Apple's first event of 2024, the company unveiled its new iPad Pro tablet, featuring an OLED screen and a new M4 chip. But instead of the gadget's specs, most viewers focused on the "Crush!" advert for the tablet, which depicted a hydraulic press crushing items often associated with beauty and art into a cold, soulless device.

While on paper, the idea of condensing lots of items into a relatively compact tablet may have seemed ingenious, many Digital Artists interpreted it as a symbol of technology destroying creativity, which isn't as far-fetched as it may seem at first, considering the ongoing "cold war" between human creators and generative AI. The backlash was substantial enough for Apple to issue an apology, admitting they "missed the mark with this video" and are sorry.

Image Credit: Apple

Taking advantage of its competitor's blunder, Samsung's marketing department has unveiled its latest tablet commercial for the Galaxy Tab S9 series. The ad, titled "UnCrush," humorously mocks Apple by portraying a musician approaching what appears to be the same hydraulic press featured in Apple's advertisement, retrieving a broken guitar, and proceeding to play a song, using the Samsung tablet as a music sheet. "We would never crush creativity" was the slogan the company adopted for this advertisement:

In the comments section, loyal Apple fans rushed in to defend their favorite multi-billion dollar corporation, asserting that Samsung's ad lacked creativity and merely replicated Apple's inventive idea:

Interestingly, even now, the majority of the top comments on Twitter predominantly accuse Samsung of lacking creativity — a rather hilarious notion, considering that Apple's original ad is, well, not that original itself:

What does raise eyebrows, though, is the final moments of "UnCrush", where it's revealed that the new line of tablets includes Galaxy AI, a suite of cloud-based AI features aimed at addressing diverse needs. Some users noted the irony of trying to advocate for creativity while also promoting generative AI, alluding to the questionable methods AI developers often employ to gather data for training their models.

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