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Shopping Made Magical with Holographic Projection

See what your furniture might look like from every angle.

Canvastique3D partnered with holographic display maker Illumetry to "narrow the gap between physical and digital interfaces" in the form of a 3D preview tool that allows you to switch colors and fabrics on the go. You don't have to wonder what your furniture or clothes will look like in different patterns anymore as the software allows you to try on whatever you want.

How does it work? The holographic projection displays the image of what the camera is pointing at in real time: it can be fabric, a painting, or a random picture. You can clearly see how the colors will shine on your sofa and how the pattern will move when you wear the garment. You can add some details to the canvas, and the 3D model will transfer the changes immediately.

This project can be really helpful for shopping and probably prevent some refunds as you get the clearest idea of what you're about to buy, from any angle.

Without Illumetry's holograms, Canvastique3D works on PC, letting you preview handmade designs on 3D models, although it doesn't look as impressive and futuristic as with Illumetry's input. However, a mixed reality version of the app is in the making, so you'll be able to enjoy it even without the fancy holo device.

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