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Start An Action-packed Adventure Featuring Mexican Graffiti Culture

I simply can't take my eyes off the vibrant colors of the graffiti, the 90's anime style, and the smooth movements as you traverse through complex scenes.

This week's Triple-I Initiative showcase brings not only great news about published games but also unveiled new games, like an indie game called RKGK. This single-player 3D platformer, inspired by early 90s anime, pays a significant tribute to Mexican graffiti culture. Trust me, you'll soon get caught by its vibrant colors and AR vibes. 

In the game, players control Valah, a rebellious graffiti artist on a mission to restore color and life to the citizens of the neo-brutalist Cap City by defying the oppressive B Corp and its enforcer, Mr. Buff. The city serves as a canvas, inviting players to discover secret treasures, explore hidden paths, and transform the cold, grey concrete into a riot of color.

Image Credit: Wabisabi Games, RKGK

Image Credit: Wabisabi Games, RKGK

RKGK boasts a unique mechanic called Defacer mode, where chaining together jumps, dashes, glides, and grinds can transform Valah's world into her animated wonderland. Through stylish traversal and chaotic mayhem, Valah can reclaim her city using her paint abilities to leave a vibrant mark on every corner of Cap City. 

Image Credit: Wabisabi Games, RKGK

Image Credit: Wabisabi Games, RKGK

As reported by IGN, the studio behind the game is Wabisabi, which was founded in 2018 with the primary objective of developing RKGK and got funded by Riot Games. The studio embarked on various AR and VR projects to maintain operations. This has led to a distinct AR influence in the RKGK game.

In an interview with IGN, the developer shared insights into the game's core themes and unique graphics: 

"We strongly believe in the medium of graffiti as one of the most honest, purest ways for people to express their minds, especially when the message is not easy to digest," says Wabisabi CEO and co-founder Anwar Noriega.

"they [Wabisabi] especially wanted to mix the anti-establishment messages of both graffiti culture and cyberpunk anime such as Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Ergo Proxy, and used these inspirations to shape RKGK's visual language."

Image Credit: Wabisabi Games, RKGK

Image Credit: Wabisabi Games, RKGK

Image Credit: Wabisabi Games, RKGK

RKGK is set for official release in Q2 this year and can be wishlisted on Steam. And you can follow the game on Twitter to be updated. 

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