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Superliminal's Forced Perspective Mechanic Recreated in Unreal Engine

It took the creator two weeks to recreate the mechanic using the engine's Blueprints system.

A few weeks ago, 3D Artist and Game Developer known as MarpetakDev showcased an extremely-close recreation of the forced perspective mechanic from Superliminal, Pillow Castle's renowned 2020 puzzle game with tons of non-euclidian features, using Unreal Engine.

Acheived with Blueprints, the engine's node-based gameplay scripting system, the game's neat mechanic that allows one to change the object's size depending on perspective was remade in just two weeks. According to the developer, the project runs at around 60-70 FPS with Lumen enabled and 80-90 FPS without Lumen on a GTX 1080 GPU.

"When I pick up the object, it shoots a bunch of rays through a line trace in the direction of the vertices of the object until it hits something like a wall," commented the author on the method used to recreate the mechanic. "Then, it finds the closest vertex to the player, and I calculate the scale and distance based on that."

What's more, the author has also shared the project files for you to play around with yourself. You can download the files via MarpetakDev's Patreon. We also recommend checking out the developer's YouTube page to see more of MarpetakDev's incredible Unreal Engine-powered projects.

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