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The Best Blender-Made 50 Cent Rig From Pavel Oliva

50 Euro Cent, to be precise.

Pavel Oliva, a renowned 3D Artist, Game Developer, and Geometry Nodes magician, continues his series of mind-blowing Blender projects with what must be the most incredible 50 Cent rig the world has ever seen.

Created not for a model of the legendary rapper, but for an actual digital recreation of a 50 Euro Cent coin, the rig was set up as part of Pavel's experiments with a radial "foot roll" mechanism. The artist controlled this mechanism via a joystick in Blender, noting that this approach can be applied in a variety of use cases. Besides showcasing the final animation itself, Pavel also shared a concise behind-the-scenes demo, offering a closer look at how the rig works:

In case you're interested, here's how the coin looks on the other side:

Speaking of rigging, back in late 2023, Pavel also showcased a cool Blender-powered setup that allowed him to animate a rigged character and run simulations on demand:

And prior to that, Pavel experimented with Blender's new Simulation Nodes, demonstrated great procedural tools for generating wood platformstoadstoolsivy-covered bridges, and buildings, as well as shared a free Modular Desert Kit for Blender. You can check out all of these projects and more by visiting the creator's Twitter page.

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