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This Greek Mythology-Inspired Game Lets You Fight Terrifying Monsters

Serafini Productions has unveiled NAVIGAVIA: Kirka's Island, a new action-adventure game.

Serafini Productions, a Japan-based video game development studio and the creator of UNFOLLOW, an upcoming hyperrealistic horror game set to launch in early 2024, has officially announced a new adventure game NAVIGAVIA: Kirka's Island.

Inspired by Greek mythology, NAVIGAVIA: Kirka's Island promises to offer an exciting third-person action-adventure experience, putting you in the shoes of a heroic character based on Odysseus from Homer's Odyssey and tasking you to fight monstrous creatures as you uncover the secrets of Circe, a powerful sorceress and one of the most enigmatic figures from Ancient Greek myths.

Image Credit: Serafini Productions, NAVIGAVIA: Kirka's Island

Image Credit: Serafini Productions, NAVIGAVIA: Kirka's Island

Image Credit: Serafini Productions, NAVIGAVIA: Kirka's Island

"Picture the most hostile environment imaginable – an unknown island. Now, envision the unluckiest hero you can think of – Jurgen," reads the game's description. "This unfortunate soul awakens on a beach, shipwrecked and plagued by amnesia. His sole desire is to reunite with his family. Could things get any worse?
Absolutely. Jurgen is haunted by strange and bewildering visions of his past, where he sailed the seas as a ruthless and bloodthirsty pirate. But are these mere visions, or are they actual memories? Could his situation deteriorate further? Indeed, it could. Jurgen is slowly undergoing a beastly transformation, becoming an inhuman creature with formidable claws.

As he grapples with his transformation and explores the island, he'll confront various perils while striving to recollect his past. The more he unravels the island's secrets, the more threads connect him to a woman at the heart of these mysteries: a goddess known as Mater Kirka. Will Jurgen emerge from this ordeal alive and, most importantly, free?"

"At its core, Navigavia weaves a captivating tale of courage and resilience, reminding players of the profound significance of the fight for freedom. It challenges the idea that our past actions dictate our future, empowering you to carve your destiny in a world in flux."

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