This Indie Adventure Combines Pixelated 3D Models & 2D Character Sprites

Explore a magical low-poly-style world in EthrA, an upcoming game developed by a team of two.

Today, let's revisit one of the most unique-looking upcoming indie games and have another look at EthrA, an open-world adventure RPG currently in development at StoneLab Studio, an indie gamedev studio comprising just two developers.

In development since 2019, EthrA is an exploration-focused game that follows the adventures of two characters: Bob, a farm boy who ventured away from his homeland in search of excitement, and Veil, a member of an unusual and rarely seen species. Together, they will traverse the world of EthrA, uncovering a thousand-year-old lie long forgotten by the world.

Focusing on exploration and combat, the game puts Bob in charge of melee attacks while Veil takes on a supportive role, casting magic to aid Bob. Players can engage in combat using different weapons, whether melee or ranged, allowing them to customize their characters' combat styles according to their preferences.

EthrA's standout feature, however, lies in its peculiar visual style, seamlessly blending pixelated 3D models with 2D character sprites, all within a 3D perspective, enhancing immersion for players. According to the devs, the game is powered by Unity.

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