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This "Invisible" PC Can Be Hidden Inside the Desk

DIY Perks comes up with a new way to amaze the audience.

Every gamer or tech enthusiast dreams of a full PC setup that can be neatly hidden when not needed. YouTuber DIY Perks makes dreams come true once again with this fantastic "invisible" PC setup that allows you to store your computer inside the desk. No one will suspect a thing because the desk looks as thin as any ordinary table, so you can't even guess that there's a huge monitor, hardware, and peripherals inside.

As usual with powerful PCs, it needs a powerful cooling system, and DIY Perks installed an experimental one, which can protect the PC's Intel i9-13900K processor and ZOTAC RTX 4090 GPU from overheating. The final result keeps the components working at 52 C maximum, according to the video.

As there is not enough space for a normal power supply, the creator used two HDPLEX GaN ATX PSUs, which can deliver 500W each.

DIY Perks

This monster of a PC has 48 TB of storage, so you won't run out of space anytime soon. To make it look presentable, DIY Perks covered the aluminum casing with wood planks. When you need to open this magical box, you use a big magnet that picks up the monitor and unfolds the setup.

DIY Perks

If you want to see the process of building the machine, check out the full video here

DIY Perks can make not only PCs but also consoles, like the mobile PlayStation 5 tablet and a 2cm PS5 Slim they presented before.

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