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This Madlad Programmer Managed to Run Blender on a Nokia Phone

Now I've seen everything.

By now, we all know that DOOM can be run on lawnmowers and pregnancy tests, but what about other programs, something a bit more creative that hasn't yet been proven to work on almost any device imaginable? For that, let's take a look at the truly mind-blowing works of Dante Leoncini, a 3D Artist, Programmer, and certified madlad who managed to run Blender on an 18-year-old Nokia N95 mobile phone.

Dante's experiments with Blendersito, a Symbian-powered version of Blender, began back in late 2022, with the video above, which recently got English subtitles, explaining how the beloved 3D software was adapted for a platform it was likely never intended for.

Over the years, Dante has been refining and upgrading the application, enabling him to upload and model 3D characters on the phone, and even create assets for game levels, which he then runs on his custom-made game engine for mobile phones and retro consoles.

As for the idea behind the project, Dante revealed that his goal was to showcase the power of old-school mobile phones, draw attention to the amount of electronic waste humanity creates by throwing away those aged devices, and criticize modern-era Apple and Android phones for specifically designing their gadgets to become obsolete as quickly as possible.

Over on his Twitter and YouTube pages, Dante regularly posts insightful updates on the state of Blendersito, showcasing various Blender features that can be accessible via the artist's Nokia app:

In a true Blender fashion, Dante's Blendersito is open-source and can be accessed via the creator's GitHub page. You can also support Dante here and check out more jaw-dropping experiments with Nokia-ran Blender over here.

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