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This Real-Life Sculpture of The Matrix's Morpheus Features a Neat Optical Illusion

Steven Richter has one-upped himself with his latest project.

Even though here on 80 Level we usually write about digital 3D sculpts, every once in a while, we stumble upon real-life creations that just look too good not to highlight. One such work has recently been shared by Steven Richter, an acclaimed Sculptor and Artist, who has truly one-upped himself with his latest project.

Known for his outstanding clay recreations of characters from movies and TV shows, Richter unveiled a highly realistic sculpture of Morpheus, an iconic character from The Matrix series, portrayed by Laurence Fishburne.

The standout feature of the project is undoubtedly Morpheus' eyes. Through a clever optical illusion, they mimic the reflective glasses worn by the character in the original movie, "reflecting" Neo during the Blue Pill or Red Pill scene. While Richter didn't explicitly reveal the technique behind this effect, upon closer inspection, it appears he actually sculpted two miniature Neos and placed them within Morpheus' head to recreate the illusion from the film without resorting to using green screen.

Previously, Richter also tackled numerous characters from movies, TV series, and video games, real-life people, environments, props, and much more. We highly encourage you to visit the creator's Instagram page and YouTube channel to see more magnificent works. You can also support the creator by becoming a member on Richter's Patreon.

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