This Upcoming Game Lets You Procedurally Glue Buildings Together

Relaxing castle-building simulator Tiny Glade gets a new demo before its planned 2024 release.

Procedural Artist and Lead Developer at Pounce Light Anastasia Opara continues to tease the studio's upcoming game Tiny Glade, a relaxing castle-building simulator set to be released later this year, by showcasing one more mesmerizing gameplay mechanic that will be present in the game.

In case you never heard about Tiny Glade, here's a quick rundown. The project began nearly two years ago as a procedural wall generator developed by Anastasia with Bevy, a data-driven game engine built using Rust, a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language. Thanks to multiple upgrades and additions the project received over time, it was eventually turned into a full-fledged game, which you can wishlist on Steam.

The newly demonstrated mechanic would expand the player's creativity by allowing them to procedurally "glue" two or more buildings together, getting one sizeable castle as a result. Combined with Tiny Glade's previously-shown capability to tweak and customize tower roofs, it is also possible to easily hide the seams between the conjoined buildings, enhancing the realism.

And here are some of the most recent demos and updates shared by Ana and the team:

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