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Tim Cain Reveals Who Started the Nuclear War in Fallout

Another decades-long mystery of the Fallout universe has been put to rest.

Image Credit: Bethesda, Fallout 4

Besides trivial things like Raiders, Super Mutants, and the Brotherhood of Steel, the Fallout universe is also well-known for its myriads of mysteries, ranging from simple easter eggs to lore-based enigmas that have been puzzling fans for decades.

One such enduring mystery revolved around the identity of the party responsible for starting the war and first launching the nukes on October 23, 2077, with potential culprits including the USA, China, Vault-Tec, and even aliens. Recently, however, the true initiator of the not-so-Great War has been revealed during an interview with Tim Cain, the co-creator of the Fallout series, conducted by YouTuber TKs-Mantis.

Speaking to TKs-Mantis, Cain disclosed that it was, in fact, China who launched the a-bombs first, stating that the reason for the nuclear strike were the United States' experiments with bio-weapons, including the FEV, the virus that gave birth to an assortment of Wasteland inhabitants, including first and foremost, the Super Mutants.

According to Cain, the Chinese had requested the US to cease these experiments, and on the surface, the US agreed to do so. However, they actually continued their research in secret, prompting the launch of the nuclear missiles, which ultimately set the stage for the Fallout world depicted in the game series.

"The reason we got nuked is: bio-weapons were illegal and somehow China found out we were doing FEV. And they were like, 'You have to stop it.' And we went, 'Okay'. But all we did is move it," Cain said in the interview.

Image Credit: Bethesda, Fallout 3

Earlier, Tim Cain also unveiled the true reason why Vault-Tec built a series of underground bunkers, saying that the shelters were built to test out the technologies that would make it possible to build an interstellar multi-generation starship, as well as how people would react to such a confined and isolated space.

Image Credit: Bethesda, Fallout 3

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  • Anonymous user

    I thought the thing about China was more or less a given, from the VR battle simulation based on Alaska, in fallout, (3 was it?), but then again, every new fallout game(minus 75* which due to it being multiplayer, I haven't played) seems to incorporate a new reason why certain bombs dropped, or the war in general, started, even if it's just implied... for instance, in fallout 3 (or was it fallout 4) there are simulated battles, and the associated information, that more or less pointed to either china already starting the war, or planning to be ready for when they did, yet, in fallout NV, you're some "Currier" who it turns out, according to an expansion pack, unwittingly delivered a nuke to a settlement, giving rise to the antagonist in said expansion pack... then in fallout 4, as well as the other fallout games, it's implied that vault-tec was partially to blame for the bombs, when the storylines make it out to be that it might have been vault-tec who gave China the information that caused the war, and subsequently the nuking of (presumably) nearly the entirety of the world... am I alone in these thoughts and insights based on just the games(from 3, to NV, to 4)


    Anonymous user

    ·7 months ago·

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