Tim Sweeney About Unreal Engine 6: UE5 + Verse

Epic Games CEO has offered a small glimpse of the company's vision for UE6.

Image Credit: Epic Games

With Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5 currently experiencing its golden age, news and rumors about a completely new version of the software, Unreal Engine 6, are nigh non-existent, which is quite understandable, considering the current engine's relative youth and the already-revealed plans that Epic still has in store for UE5. However, a rare glimpse into the company's vision for UE6 recently came from none other than Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, who shared a few words about the new version of the application in a Twitter thread.

Replying to one of the tweets shared by Warforge, a team of creators specializing in building Fortnite experiences using UEFN, a neat toolset that brings some of Unreal Engine 5's capabilities directly into Fortnite, Sweeney stated that Unreal Engine 6 will feature all the tools present in Unreal Engine 5 as well as Verse, a brand-new programming language introduced alongside UEFN that offers powerful customization capabilities such as manipulating or chaining together devices and the ability to create new game logic.

Besides Verse, UE6 can also be expected to offer "rough deployment parity into Fortnite and standalone products", "metaverse economy", "standards", and many other novelties Sweeney described as "magic TBD". The CEO further emphasized that although the integration of Verse into Epic's flagship engine is unlikely to happen in 2024, "it's coming" and will most likely become one of Unreal Engine's game development tools, alongside C++ and Blueprints, in the coming years.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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