Todd Howard: Starfield on Xbox Series S "Looks Great"

Starfield director Todd Howard says he's been mostly playing the game on the less powerful Xbox Series S and the gameplay experience has been "great."

Just recently, at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023, Bethesda showcased an official gameplay trailer for its upcoming sci-fi RPG Starfield providing an extensive glimpse into the game's visual style, gameplay mechanics, and more.

Following the Xbox Games Showcase, Bethesda's director and executive producer Todd Howard shared the game's performance numbers, revealing that both Xbox Series X and S versions will be locked at 30 FPS – the announcement that players didn't meet warmly.

However, Howard himself claims that Starfield "looks great" on Xbox consoles, particularly on the Xbox Series S.

At the What Next For Gaming event, Howard mentioned that he's been playing the game on the less powerful Xbox Series S as his kids have chosen the more powerful Xbox Series X for themselves. And, according to him, the experience on this console has been amazing.

"I got an X and S when they came out. I put the X in the basement with the big 4K TV," Howard said (via VGC). "My kids don’t let [me play it]… they’re always on it. So the S is upstairs… and [the game] looks great."

"It looks great. But technically, most of my Starfield play has been on Series S within my family," he continued.

It remains to be seen what players' reaction to Starfield's performance would be when the game launches on September 6. However, Howard's positive experience playing the game on the Xbox Series S, despite its lower power, gives some hope that the overall gameplay experience will be highly satisfying.

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