Unreal Engine Webinar: Creating Realistic Hair and Feathers

Check out a cool webinar from Weta Digital on how to create realistic hair and feathers using UE4. 

A digital artist from Weta Digital  Nathan Farquhar explained the hair and feather production process in UE4 step by step. 

The webinar covers:

  • The strand-based workflow for hair and fur
  • How Weta created the grooms for the meerkat and eagle in "Meerkat"
  • The process of exporting from DCC and setting up in Unreal Engine
  • Optimizations for using film-level grooms in real-time

Nathan has been working in the games and film industry for over 15 years, created hair and fur of any complexity, and is currently working in real-time. You can also purchase the project files for the Meerkat demo on Unreal Marketplace.

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