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A Collection of Gloomy 3D Concept Art For a WIP Graphic Novel

Luzhan Liu has previewed Echo Island, a graphic novel "currently in its infancy".

Luzhan Liu, a talented Concept Artist and Illustrator, recently revealed a collection of detailed 3D concepts showcasing Echo Island, the artist's graphic novel currently in its early stages of production.

According to the creator, the novel, which has been in production for the last couple of years, explores the everyday stories of several children in a vast and imaginative world. The completed work is still months from being finished, with the author estimating that Echo Island will be completed within 1-2 years. As for the concepts themselves, they depict oddly dressed children inhabiting a gloomy and inhospitable-looking world that combines urban and post-apocalyptic themes with fantasy elements.

Unfortunately, the creator hasn't disclosed the software used for crafting the illustrations. However, Luzhan typically relies on Blender, Substance 3D Painter, and Unreal Engine for their artistic endeavors, suggesting that a combination of these tools may have been employed in bringing Echo Island to life. Additionally, the author mentioned that the creative process behind the concepts is similar to their previous works, involving 3D rendering with additional 2D post-production drawing.

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