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A Duo of Artists Presents a Hand-Painted 3D Diorama Made in Unreal

Clément Massol and Maïa Desfour have unveiled a new collaborative 3D environment.

3D Environment Artist Clément Massol and 3D Artist Maïa Desfour, both proficient in stylized digital art, have presented Walkelin's Crypt, a new collaboratively-made NPR 3D diorama based on Colombe Fretel's 2D concept.

Inspired by the art direction and the mood of the original concept, the diorama features an impressive hand-painted visual style, achieved by the authors through the use of 3DCoat. Besides 3DCoat, the duo also utilized Maya, Blender, and Unreal Engine to reimagine the scene in 3D.

And here's Colombe Fretel's original artwork that inspired the project:

Notably, this is not the first time Clément and Maïa united their strengths to set up a 3D environment. Back in 2021, the duo also recreated Shrek's swamp  using SpeedTree, Maya, ZBrush, Substance 3D Designer, and Substance 3D Painter:

You can check out more of Clément's works here and Maïa's over here. Also, don't forget to join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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