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Best Indie Games in 2020: May List

Discover 6 awesome indie titles released in May or coming out soon - a few action and platformer games and a synthwave driving simulator.


Maneater is a new action RPG game with an open world, - or "ShaRkPG" as they wrote on Epic Games Store page, - that gives you a chance to experience the life of a gigantic shark, way more action-packed than in real-life and certainly much more fun. The game is a single-player built upon the concept of evolvement - you'll start as a shark pup and fight your way through the tough world to become a savage predator terrorizing both humans and marine creatures.

The game offers 7 playable regions available for exploration and a story-based campaign (narrated by Chris Parnell, the actor who voiced Jerry Smith in Rick and Morty), various enemies including other ocean carnivores and bounty hunters, multiple evolutions paths and loot. The latter will allow you to "evolve past what nature intended", so crazy hybrids might be possible. Just look at this insane Bio-Electric shark:

Maneater is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (an Epic Games Store exclusive released on May 23; Steam release date is TBA). The game is developed by Tripwire Interactive.

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Wildfire developed by Sneaky Bastards is a 2D pixel-art platformer with stealth elements and an ability system that allows the player to master elemental powers. The game is set in a world of died-out magic where people with magical powers are hunted by the evil forces, - and you are one of those "lucky" men. Your village is burnt down but you escape and step on the path of revenge fighting against hordes of foes.

The elemental powers are designed not only for combat but also for interaction with the environments, - you can freeze the lake to create a path, grow the grass or vines for hiding and climbing, or set chaotic fire to destroy everything around you. The actions have consequences that might work for or against you, and the blaze you've unleashed upon the enemies can accidentally spread too far and devour you for good measure. This means the game will require a deliberate approach and a little bit of caution. Or just a compulsive love for wildfire.

The game is already available on Steam!

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Transmission is an indie driving simulator developed by Cardboard Sword and set in the night world that screams synthwave. No flashy actions here, just you, the road, neon lights, radio, and a few packages to deliver, - a perfect combination to chill and relax.

In addition to the meditative driving, you will get to learn stories of the clients in the mission mode, choose your own routes and music, upgrade and unlock new cars and even operate your own delivery business. Yet, if you simply want to drive down the endless road on a rainy neon-colored night and listen to some retrowave, just choose the Endless Night mode and unlimited procedurally-generated missions and enjoy the process.

The game is expected to be released in the nearest future.

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Quantum League is a competitive arena shooter with a unique feature of time looping: at the end of each round the time rewinds and you start the match all over again but with a twist - the time travel clones you and your old selves stay in the arena and repeat your actions done during the previous round.

Instead of playing in a team of friends or random people who don't always share an interest in your tactics, you can finally play in a team with yourself! No sheer reliance on aim and reaction but on strategic teamwork too, no frustration over poor teammates and quitters, and yet a feeling that you're not alone in the battle. 

The game offers multiple game modes including 1v1 and 2v2 deathmatches and capture point, 9 arenas, 6 playable heroes, and 6 different weapons, - enough to play to your heart's content.

Quantum League is already released in Early Access on Steam which means you can positively contribute to the refinement of the game along with Nimble Giant Entertainment.

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Blue Fire is a 3D action platformer set in the gloomy fantasy world of Penumbra full of hostile creatures, traps, mystical locations, and challenging quests for adventurous souls and explorers.

ROBI Studios's game fuses exciting fast-paced combats, abstract platforming elements found in a remote land called The Void, and a supporting system of items that can be looted, obtained as rewards, traded, and purchased in order to enhance your character. Along the way, you'll meet the last survivors of Penumbra who might share their stories and send you out on various quests.

The main character Umbra is an aggressive warrior who fights with a pair of swords that can be upgraded throughout the game. Besides that, he has a bunch of other useful skills such as dash, wall run and jump, down-smash, spin attack, and whatnot. The developers say the guy is quite sketchy, so you might discover some intriguing facts about him if you dig deep enough. 

The game is planned to be released this summer and will be available on Nintendo Switch. 

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Timelie is another indie adventure that challenges the player to travel through an abstract world filled with puzzles, enemies, and discoveries. This is also another game that will let you tamper with time, this time by moving the timeline left and right like in a media player to undo the mistakes or see the future.

The game is a single-player, but Urnique Studio added a cooperative element into it: you will travel through the world with a cat that can be controlled simultaneously with the main character. Timeline is not about fighting, but about stealth, clever use of time, puzzle-solving, and coordination between two heroes. And about lovely minimalistic graphics.

The game is already available on Steam!

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